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Writing Samples

Project  1  Nobody's Perfect

2015  Animation Series Script, Act One

Project 2 Italian Wedding Soup

2015 Romantic Comedy, Short Scene Script

This animated series follows Chunky, a chubby bear, and his friend, Enrico, a dragonfly. Chunky wants to be more like his friend, who seems to get all the attention because of his amazing flying tricks. Now Chunky wants to fly, too. With clever gags, magic tricks, and a push over the edge, they believe a bear can fly.  "Don't forget to flap your wings, Chunky," Enrico says in the teaser to the bear standing on the ledge of a tall building. "My wings are broken, like my heart," Chunky says.  And when a magic trick goes awry, Chunky goes missing, in the animated tale where "Nobody's Perfect."




A Brooklyn detective discusses the dangers of a new assignment. His investigative assistant says that he is making a really simple job complicated by falling in love with his client's girlfriend. If she just wasn't the most beautiful woman in the whole world, and wasn't engaged to the most dangerous man in New York.  


"Behind every fortune, there's a crime."  Lucky Luciano


Break open another fortune cookie in a private moment with an extraordinary character.


Project  3   Coffee, Tea or Me

2015 Half Hour Television Sitcom Script

Project 4  Behind Every Fortune

2015 Short Scene, Live Action Script

Project 5   The Great       Pterodactyl

2015 Flash Fiction  - Film & Animation Premise

Project 6  Runaway 

2015 Short Live Action Script

The kids taunted Malcolm at school, not only because he was the smallest boy in the class, but because of his crazy imagination. He believed in the impossible. Malcolm had a pet pterodactyl. It was just like the dinosaurs that the kids had seen on their class trip to the Museum of Natural History, a giant, flying lizard. Only this pterodactyl lived in Brooklyn with Malcolm. 


Of course, Malcolm's dinosaur couldn't stay in his apartment, even if pets were allowed. 



When a divorced dad gets lost in the woods with his kids on his "visitation" day, he is challenged to win the respect of his children, and find his way out of the woods in more ways than one. Enjoy this comical scene that sheds some light on the relationships between divorced parents and their children.

When Roy makes a coffee mess, his deceased father, Ernest, a real ghost, never lets him forget his mistakes in the "Coffee, Tea or Me" script, written by Jeanne McGill.

This half-hour television sitcom with slapstick comedy, dark humor, and a little ghostly humiliation, is based on a television series concept, No Good Deeds.

Don't call me,"Robert."

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