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My Resume

  • Classical writing and storytelling techniques with character development, creating compelling stories.

  • Motivation and backstory, archetypes and psychological profiles.

  • Implementing the mechanics of creative writing, entertainment media genres and distribution methods.

  • Writing skills related to marketing, publishing, and the basics for successful creative writers in the entertainment media industry.  

  • Speaking the language of different media, such as film, television, animation, and gaming.  

Jeanne McGill

"You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Representing SMG West, Inc.  SAAD FILM   Member Women in Animation  

                                                Publicity, Entertainment Industry
  • Press releases and film submissions to international film festivals.

  • Representation and publicity for artists and WGA screenwriters, including event oriented marketing, writing content and graphic design of movie posters and book covers. 

  • Creation of film promotional material, IMDb documentation, synopses, and promotional videos.



  • Meeting the needs of foreign producers and their filming requirements in Morocco.

  • Writing proposals to producers of major US studios and independent film production companies.

  • Promoting the production, casting, equipment and location services of Saad Films based in Morocco.






  • Produced press releases and film submission documents for international film festivals.

  • Designed and wrote movie posters, film synopses and promotional material.

  • Worked with NYC Mayor's Office of Film, Television and Theater for licensing of events and productions. 

  • Line Producer on short documentaries about the civil rights movements, equality and human rights. 

Film Company Representative, Saad Films, New York
Editor, Publciist & Line Producer,  Sutton Productions, New York

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MS Office Suite, Aobe Creative Suite, Final Draft, Final Cut Pro

M.F.A. Creative Writing, Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL  
  • ​Classical Writing, Storytelling Techniques, Research, Business and Marketing.  

  • Emphasis on the importance of research and character development, utilizing the language of different media.

  • Leadership and project management skills.  

  • Writing engaging material for different media, such as film, pilots, animation, and gaming.

B.A. English, Multimedia Journalism, Concordia College, Bronxville, NY 
  • ​Combining the love for art, video and reporting.

  • Interdisciplinary program, providing the skills to create a compelling story through creative and visual arts,

  • Strong curriculum in global liberal arts with foundational skills and intellectual capacities.


Creative Writer/Screenwriter/Copywriter with responsibilities in the Entertainment Industry


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