The story must be transformative for other mediums.  Even characters must be able to transcend a single medium. For example, comic book characters become animation that transforms into feature film heroes, which morph into action figures.  You get the idea.


This short video is an example of a mobile application, based on a screenplay that takes place in Brooklyn.  Think about transmedia to transform all your projects.  




2015  Video presentation and print ad for an interactive mobile application of legendary Brooklyn, based on an original screenplay by Jeanne McGill.





Bullet Hoes & Cannoli, concept, script, voiceover by Jeanne McGill

Full Sail University MFA Submission, Project 7



This is a print advertisement for the mobile "Bullet Holes & Cannoli, Interactive APP of Legendary Brooklyn."


The ad shows some of what the APP provides, boasting of the exciting lights of Dyker Heights, Brooklyn.  And it even shows a bit of the “myth” of the Mob, a favorite nostalgia of the young and old alike.  Brooklyn has also been a location for many famous movies, adding to the attraction.  These ideas, which the APP brings to life, are touched upon in the colorful print ad.  


This print advertisement was written and designed by Jeanne McGill.   




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