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What's It All About? Blog, Blog, Blog...

Blogging is a cost effective way to promote and showcase one’s expertise, while building an audience and customer base. When I decided to add the blog component to my writer’s platform, I researched a vast number of websites to study the effectiveness and implementation of a blogging component. What I learned is that essentially every “blogger” from every industry is actually considered a copywriter. But not every professional writer is considered a blogger.

Bloggers create a headline and post of some tidbit of information that they believe is relevant to what they are trying to promote. Some of the information that I found on various blog sites were random, and some were carefully contrived and delivered with a scheduled and strategic marketing plan.

And the question remains, do writers’ blog when they want to say something, or when they have something to say? What was the purpose of it all? Who were the bloggers writing for, if they have no control over who visited their sites and who read their content, if at all? These were some of the questions that I entertained when reviewing the numerous blog sites of different writer platforms. What I learned is that bloggers, in general, write to build and connect with an audience and a fan base. Professional writers as bloggers were no different. They wrote to inform, entertain, and sometimes persuade an unknown audience of prospective web browsers, otherwise known as “traffic.” They are hoping to build a customer base for something that they eventually want to sell, even if they are only selling themselves and their “brand.”

More than likely, bloggers are selling some information, like a published work or other ancillary product related to that information. My research in the world of blogging led me to believe that the way to promote a blog is through social media and participation with readers and other bloggers. Once you start blogging, I feel that it could become addictive. Would you agree?

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