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Create Your Own Luck

There are far more job roles in the Entertainment Industry than one may think. Some may sound unfamiliar, but with a little luck, one may land one of these great jobs. And exploring the amazing, broad range of job roles may help one to create their own luck. has identified 278 entertainment job roles in the industry. They provide the skill sets and qualifications that one might need to land one of these positions. In almost fifty different departments and ten entertainment industry sectors, they have provided descriptions of the various job roles and what would be a possible route to obtaining that desired position.

They include positions in Film, Television, Gaming, Advertising and Radio. For example, in the job role of "writer," the Creative Skill site redirected the inquiry to the National Career Service of the UK Government, which provided a surprisingly, amazing amount of information about a career as a professional writer. It contained links to the Writer's Guild for Agreements, rates and guidelines, a directory of writers' groups, writing societies, and competitions. It explained the writer's role in blogging and publishing for newspapers and magazines. It further defined writing into categories, such as technical writing, or writing for TV and radio. It even provided a link to the BBC writers' room. It recommended branching out into illustration, so that one could write and illustrate their own book, with a link to careers in book illustration. What an excellent idea. It even gave a link to the Society of Authors. Then if that wasn't enough, it provided an employment forecast, depicting the numbers of people between now and 2020 that are predicted to be in that field. It also included an "action plan tool kit" and "CV builder" to help one reach their goals. With a list of skills, interests and qualities that one should possess to be successful as a writer, it was more than impressive.

If one wants insight into the skills and qualifications that one might need for a job role in the entertainment industry, including information about what that job involves, and the best potential routes in to that job, then take a look at and get ready to be impressed. It's never too late or too early to create one's own luck.

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