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The David Gemmell Legend Awards for Fantasy

Friends and colleagues of legendary Author David Gemmell honored his life and work by creating an award that recognized the best fantasy novel of the year. Named after Gemmell's first novel, the Legend Award honors the author of the best novel, specializing in "pure" fantasy, as opposed to other fantasy genres, such as Science-Fiction and Horror. And voting is put in the hands of the reader, a sort of "crowd sourcing" award.

Awards are given in three categories: "Best Fantasy Novel," "Best Fantasy Debut," and "Best Fantasy Cover Art." The Awards continue to raise public awareness of the Fantasy genre, celebrating the history and cultural importance of Fantasy literature, and rewarding excellence in writing. Voting is open until May 15th. The Award Ceremony takes place at 8pm on Saturday August 8th at the Nine Worlds Geekfest event, one of the UK's largest genre conventions and a highly anticipated event for readers, writers and fans of both fantasy and science-fiction.

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