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The Big Hollywood Break

Are you ready to launch a screenwriting career? Eleven creative writers will share cash, prizes, and the New York Film Academy Writing Fellowship this year. Two Grand Prize Award Winners will go to Hollywood for the First Draft Annual Awards event, where their screenplays may have an opportunity to be optioned or produced by “A-List” industry executives.

This is the Big Break Contest by Final Draft, the company that produces the number-one selling screenwriting software in the world. There are eleven awards in seven screenplay categories, including Action, Comedy, Drama, Family, Period, Sci-Fi, and Horror. Judges in the past have included executives from Bender Spike, William Morris Endeavor, Miramax, and the Producers Guild of America.

​According to Final Draft, "the seven main feature genres for entries are;

• Action/Adventure - Films that feature lots of action sequences and/or include elements of adventure (e.g., exotic locales, military operations, etc.).

• Comedy/Rom-Com - Romantic comedies, mainstream, edgy or raunchy comedy, satire, parodies, etc.

• Drama - More serious, realistic scripts that tell emotionally resonant stories and explore powerful themes.

• Family/Animated - Scripts aimed at the children/family market; this material can be enjoyed by the whole family and often includes animated features.

• Period/Historical/War - Biopics, scripts based largely in the past, war epics, and scripts featuring historical characters.

• Sci-Fi/Fantasy - Space travel, disaster and post-apocalyptic stories, scripts set in alternate worlds or universes, stories with magical elements.

• Thriller/Horror - Scripts that employ suspense, fear and/or tension as main story elements, spy and crime thrillers, psychological thrillers, mysteries, ghost, zombie and monster stories."

Suggested lengths for screenplays are approximately 80 to 120 pages and for teleplays it is approximately 25 to 70 pages. Submissions less than 20 pages or over 150 pages will be disqualified.

Make it your best writing ever and enter by June 30. This may be your “Big Break.”



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