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15 Places to Fall in Love in New York City

Screenwriters and film producers alike believe that New York City is the perfect setting for a romantic comedy. Think of An Affair to Remember, Breakfast at Tiffany's, When Harry Met Sally, and Sabrina. Don't forget Annie Hall. Whether you are a location scout, production manager, or visitor to New York, there is no better place to fall in love for real, or on the set.

Tourist site lists the fifteen best places in New York City to propose. They include The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the world's largest cultural complex and Central Park, with over 800 acres of natural beauty. The Hayden planetarium will take one to the moon, and everything will be coming up roses when she says, "yes," at the Brooklyn Botanical Center. Of course the legendary Empire State Building is the perfect setting for a proposal. With the more than a hundred story view of the Manhattan Skyline, it was the perfect setting for the romantic classics, such as An Affair To Remember and Sleepless in Seattle. Then there’s the romantic setting of Tavern on the Green, with Tiffany-stained glass and Baccarat chandeliers, and the Boathouse Café, where one can take a rowboat or an authentic Venetian gondola on the adjacent lake for a picture perfect experience. And last, but not least, there’s no better place to propose than the Manhattan Marriage Bureau on Worth Street. With marble columns and chandeliers, it’s not quite the Plaza Hotel, but with the $12 million renovation, by Madonna's own designer, Jamie Drake, it may be a close second. “Forget the wedding band? No problem. The new bureau offers an elastic faux-diamond band for $9. No flowers? They are available as well — $4 to $7 for a single stem and $25 to $50 for a bridal bouquet. There is also hairspray ($4), disposable digital cameras ($16.25) and tissues, at $1.75 a pack, for the weepy types,” according to the New York Times. The City hopes to make Manhattan the wedding destination of the world. There's no better place to say, "I love you," with a marriage "Made in N.Y."

Note: “Made in NY” productions are projects where at least 75% of the film was produced in New York City.

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